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Compliment of the season….I’m Mr Ryan Brown a business man, i do travel around and my next trip now is to United State and i need a place to stay not hotel because my daugther and will be staying there as soon as am through with my business they will be the one to take care of the place whenever am out of the country for another business transaction. So i will like to know the total price rent for Three month (3 months).with the property facilities and the environment.

     kindly get back to me as soon as possible. 
          Waiting for your positive responce
                      Regards – Rental Scammer

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We just got word that email address is copying rentals ads from rental sources and placing them on Craigslist with a much lower rental rate.

This is a rental scam and if you have more information on this email address let us know.

When scammers copy ads and repost them on Craigslist with a much lower rental rate, this is called The Money Order Rental Scam.

Known Rental Scammer –

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Hello , Good day to you,am Eric Helman from Tampa Fl living in Japan .I‘m self employed,I‘m interested in renting your house.I‘m making this transaction urgent just because i just got a job in the states and am moving in with my family.I will like to see a pic of the place and Let me know the present condition of it and i will like to know your best offer for it.I will like to show the picture of it to my wife.You know women want something nice for her family.Well a cashiers cheque will be mail out to you as soon as you are ready by my boss in the states,because i don’t think a Japan cheque can be cashed there…Let me know if that is okay by you. Looking forward to get the current price monthly and also attach some pictures.My boss in US will go about the payment since a Japan cheque can’t be cashed over there, I will like you to send my wife back some cash so that she can make arrangement for my ticket down to the states,Because i need to be there for my apartment and the car arrangement.Am finally going to move in with my family. Once she receives the balance,arrangement will be made and i have to be in the states next day, I will love the place.All what i need from you now is to mail me with you details below… YOUR FULL NAME……….(on check) YOUR CONTACT ADDRESS…. YOUR STATE AND ZIPCODE……. YOUR COUNTRY……. YOUR PHONE NUMBER……….(both mobile and land phone number) Do get back to me asap with this details for payment to be made out to you immediately,so that i can email it out to my boss and he can issue out payment on my behalf to you asap, let me know asap if you are still interested so that we could transact on time. Regards, Eric.

AARP Rental Scam Alert

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The AARP has an article on rental scams. 

AARP tips:

How can you avoid being that bird? If you know what to look for, fraud can be easy to spot—the Rev. Harrison’s poor grammar and spelling, implausible missionary story from Nigeria and request for wire transfers gave him away. Asking for money upfront or for personal information are big red flags, too., a website that carries classified ads, advises doing business only with “local folks” to steer clear of scam attempts.

If you see a suspicious ad, alert the Web administrators (many sites have buttons that allow you to “flag” suspicious ads). If your home is being used as scam bait, tell the website to remove the ad. Then file a complaint with the Internet Crime Complaint Center,, sponsored by the FBI and National White Collar Crime Center.#mce_temp_url#

The Potential Resident Renter Scam

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The most common rental scam is when a potential renter is interested in your property. Here is how it works:

  1. The scammer finds your rental ad on a classifieds site.
  2. The scammer will contact you directly via email (Example Here). There are common themes (out of country, usually the UK, commonly references God, poor spelling and grammer, email address most commonly an @yahoo address, sometimes says they are a Reverend or Doctor.)
  3. The property owner or property manager does not know this is a scam and replies to the email with the information.
  4. The Scammer replies that they would like to rent the property but will not be able to see it because they are outside of the US. They say they will send a certified cashiers check.
  5. The certified cashiers check is received and the total is usually $1,000 – $2,000 over the deposit and first months rent amount.
  6. The scammer says they made a mistake and sent too much money and asks if they can have the remaining $1 – 2 thousand sent back to them.
  7. It takes 2 – 3 days for any bank to recognize a cashiers check as being fake.
  8. The unexpected property owner or manager thinks the money is already in the bank so they have no problem wiring the excess $1 – 2K back to the “potential renter”
  9. The Scammer recieves the funds and is never heard of again.

If this has happend to you in the past, please tell us your story in the comments below. If you need to contact the authorities you can find that information here.

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