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October 1, 2009 at 6:20 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 3 Comments

Am so happy to hear from you…I am really interested In the apartment and I hope to rent it ..I only want to stay their for the period of two Months I will Like to know the total price for three Months…I am in the UK right Now am coming to US for a business trip so i decided to rent an apartment instead of me Lodging an hotel….I will be paying in advance to secure the apartment Okay I will pay you for two Month rent and when i get to the state I will Pay u the rest and i will be paying you via cashier check Okay..Please get back to me with ur full details for the check to be sent to..and also if there is any other fees i will be paying for please don’t hesitate to notify me Please

Hope to read form you soon…



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  1. From: derek wolly
    To: Sent: Thu, February 25, 2010 9:34:32 AM
    Subject: $1050 / 1br

    I came across your posted rental advert. And will like to know if it’s still available.
    I need to relocate for an official assignment.
    Got some details from your advert but just to be very sure,
    Kindly email me with the below details:
    contact telephone number:
    Property’s address
    The month’s rent
    Are utilities costs included? If they are not, can i have an estimate how much they typically cost?
    Total move in cost including security deposit (if required) and pictures
    Will you accept a cashier’s check for payment?

    • Got the above email above and it is one of many. All want to come to the US from Africa or the UK. They have a third party paying their rent. The want pictures even though there were pictures on the listing. They will send you a check and ask you to return the over payment to them to help them move. By the time the check bounces they already have your money. Rental managers beware

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