Online Tool To Help Tenants Avoid Rental Scams

September 10, 2009 at 5:41 pm | Posted in Tips to Avoid Scams | Leave a comment

According to RealEstateConsumerNews, there is a new online tool that helps tenants avoid rental scams.

I checked out the rental scam detection quiz and was impressed.  It takes just a few minutes to answer the 9 questions the quiz presents and it then gives you what it has calculated of the chances of the rental you are looking at as being a scam.  Based on the knowledge I have obtained from researching rental scams for blogs, I found the questions in this quiz to make a lot of sense and be very relevant.  In addition, I found the explanations the quiz gives for each question to be very informative.  I would highly recommend that you use this tool before handing your deposit money to a landlord or property manager.


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