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From/ReplyTo Email:
Name: Henry Brown
Hello there an interested in your APT am presently not around but pay down for the APT before somebody else does so i will be paying you in chasier check so i will need the following details in which i will send the check to.


Alright, Thanks for getting back to me earlier, i do appreciate this from you, now your details have been forwarded to my secretary for the issuance of the payment… OK . The payment is going to be the money of your item and shipping cost OK all you need to when you have receive the check is to take it to your bank and get it clear the same day you receive it after that, deduct your own money and get the rest send to the pick up agent so that they could come to your location for the pick up of this item OK , i hope this is very clear by you and i will keep updating you till the end of this transaction.
regards Henry

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Hi ,
Thanks for your mail, I will be willing to pay 1 month rent to start with plus the security deposit in order to secure this unit prior to my arrival.  
I am an Engineer by profession and I am currently working with Wessex Survey & Design Ltd UK. I will be coming to the state for the next one year and during my stay, I will be working with Black & Veatch Incorporation a leading global engineering, consulting and construction company specializing in infrastructure development in energy, water, telecommunications, management consulting, federal and environmental markets.
My sole  financier that is based in the States  will be handling the rent deposit payment on my behalf, I will instruct him to send you a Certified Check for this as soon as you give me the go ahead to make out payment to you. Due to the limited time that we have before our arrival, we are making arrangements with a furniture company to supply the home with furnitures,so we will need you to provide us with the the following:
# Measurements of the living room and bedroom. 
# Picture viewing the living room and the bed room(s).
# As regards the lease agreement and application, I want you to send it to me for my review. I will eventually have it filled and signed on my arrival in your place as I am of the opinion that such documents are best filled and signed physically by appending signatory at best physical. We can start the lease by asap and I will be doing a one year lease. You can prepare the lease in my name.
 I will look forward to your e-mail with the required information.
Thanks and sincere regards from me and my precious  family. I await your urgent response.

Contact me on (+44)- 7031905654
Karen L. Daniel
Chief Financial Officer 
Black and Veatch Incoporation

Known Rental Scammer –

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Hello, I’m Sherry Cole based in captown presently and originally from Florida in the Us.. I came across your profile for your place to be rented out. I am interested in renting your place for my daugther (Mary Cole) who will be coming to the US. Please answer my following questions below: 1) I will like to know if your appartment is still available 2) I will like to know the rent fee per month and if you require deposit. 3) I want to know if you accept cashier check for payment so I can make an advance payment before her arrival that will stand as commitment 4) Lastly, I will like to know more about you. I will be very glad to have all this questions answered. Hope to hear from you soon Best Regards

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