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   Many thanks to your prompt response and brief details on this unit i am very sorry for the late response . I am indeed a potential tenant and serious about renting this unit. Having discovered lots of Dinasaurs fossil such as Dinosaurs Megalosaurus ,Oviraptor,Pinacosaurus, Saurornithoides, Velociraptor, plesiosaur, Ichthyosaurus etc.. Am coming to state to Trade those fossils with some US Museums.
  In view of my work schedule, i would want us to finalise basic arrangements. I’m and i am currently working with Netherlands Fossil hunters Imperial Dinosaur Fossil Research Amsterdam, Netherlands. I will be in the states for the
next one year with my wife and five year old daughter and during my stay i will be Trading dinosaur fossils with Some USA Museums and Research with some America Palentologist on fossils hunting and field work. Am willing to offer you 1month rent + the security deposit and utilities if any to secure this unit prior to my arrival to state, and on my arrival, i’ll pay for the 11months fees in Cash. My Trustee in the states will be the one to handle the Move in fee, and we will
instruct him to send you the check for this as soon as you give us the go ahead to make payment to you. Due to the limited time that we have before our arrival, we are making arrangements with a furniture company there in state to supply the
home with some  befitting furnitures.
  We can start the lease at your ealiest convinient time and we will be effecting a one year lease although, we will be arriving on 24th of march 2009. You can prepare the lease in me and my wife name “Prof Paul & Mrs Amie Gibson.
  Once again, thank for the measurements and the price that you sent to me, it will indeed be of great help to deternine the Sieze of Furnitures that my furnitures company will supply to the unit… As regards my furniture, am planning on having them delivered to the house before our arrival so that we can settle in comfortably, you can understand that transporting furnitures across atlantic is not easy, so we are making arrangement with the furniture company
there in State to deliver the furnitures before our arrival after the rent and security deposit has been fully paid to you by my Trustee. I want to seek your indulgence and favor. Can we rely on you to take delivery of those furnitures
for us when they are delivered? We will instruct the furniture company to contact you to schedule a delivery date and time that will be convenient for you to receive those furnitures for us. As you will be handling the delivery of
those furnitures for us,we may ask our Trustee to include the costs of our furnitures with the rent and deposit
to be sent to you so that you can help us to make the payment when it is delivered. We will really appreciate if you can do this for us and promise to compensate you adequately for your time and effort s on our arrival in your
  Please let me know if this will be okay with you so that i can instruct our Trustee to go ahead with the payment.
  Let us know how to move ahead as we intend to complete this deal before we move in by 26th of march 2009, we will let you know the exact date as soon as we get a booking on a flight to the states. I want a less risk, fair,transparent
and a hitch free transaction so i attached the pictures of my family so that you can have an ideal of who you are dealing with.
  If you require any specific information, pls let me know or you can call me on my cell phone, please dial as presented for international calls . {+447024017688 or +447031978953 }
  P.S: Forward the lease agreement/application form to Review it ahead of time. I would eventually have it signed physically when i arrive. In my opinion, appending signatories should be done properly and at best physically. Please,
send me a picture view of the living room and bed rooms only if that will not ake time to do.. This is an international situation and am not sure how you can run my employment and Credit check background, there’s no way we can go
about this until i arrive to state, hope you understand my concern.
  With this arrangement, my Trustee in the states,will be effecting your payment deposit to you. I believe we can work together and ensure every arrangements that we shall both execute in line with my taking up the tenancy
should be done accordingly to ensure we have a proper understanding.
            For Payment, Get back with the below details
1- Name to be written on the certified American check
2- Mailing address , No
3- Phone Number
4- City
5- Zip Code
6- State
          Thank you for your understanding and co-operation.
Professor Paul gribson
Netherlands .
Fossil Hunter {Paleontologist}.
Tel: +447024017688 or +447031978953


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  1. I was hit with this scam, too. From Professor Willims Smith, Fossil Hunter, Neatherlands. This scam is so obvious I don’t know how anyone could fall for it. I filed a complaint with the FBI at

  2. I just received the exact ‘Fossil Hunter’ email via our craigslist apartment rental ad for Central California. This time he is Luis Mila, complete with bogus family photos, and from Barcelona, Spain. Dec. 2009. Kind of a hilarious letter!

  3. Here is where the “Fossil Hunter” scam becomes clear. BEWARE! See Luis Mila’s newest letter below:


    Am in the middle to sending the payment for the security deposit to you to Secure the Unit prior to my arrival to state..The Payment will cover the Security deposit fees and the Remnant of my beffiting Furnitures which i’ve partly booked with a Furniture stores there in USA…

    I’ll send the check payment… Fedex will deliver the payment to your door-step by Tuesday. Upon receipt of the check payment, you’ll deduct the Security deposit fees duly to you and you’ll send the remaining funds to My Furnitures company there in united state so that they can delivery my beffiting furnitures to the unit prior to my arrival to state..Pls they’ll have to book an appointment with you for the delivery. You’ll have to do a Favor for my by inspecting and monitoring the delivery of my furnitures on a specify date and time given to you the by Furnitures company,I wait to read from you.. Is this the correct address to send the payment to ?

    Alder Creek
    712 Gardenia Circle
    Paso Robles, CA 93446

    I wait to read from you if i should go ahead

    Thanks and God bless you

    Prof. Luis Mila

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