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March 18, 2009 at 5:41 pm | Posted in Known Rental Scammers | 1 Comment

Dr robert wullet <>

Thanks for your mail,i am indeed serious about renting this unit and will be willing to offer you two months lease or a year  to start with plus the security deposit in order to secure this unit  prior to my
Could you be kind enough to let me know what the electricity/utility cost would be ? As i will really need to have this unit for myself. You can send me the lease application , to enable me to review itahead of time. I would eventually have it signed physically when i arrive. In my opinion, appending signatories should be done properly and at best physically.

This is an international situation . With this arrangement, my financier in the states, will be effecting your payment deposit to you. I believe we can work together and ensure every arrangements that we shall both execute in line with my taking up the tenancy should be done accordingly to ensure we have a proper understanding.

In view of my work schedule, I would want us to finalize basic arrangements.  I will arrive the united states in a 10days time. If you require any specific information,  pls let me know or you can callme on my cell phone,  please dial as presented for international calls
My due regards
Dr. Robert Wullet Consultant Gastroenterologist
Phone;+44 7045774150
Fax: +44  7045678934 protect human health and the environment


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  1. I went to rent out a room on Craigslist and every email was a complete scam,all they wanted was your information sooo bad so they could cash cashiers checks in your name.
    So now when I post a room for rent or something on Craigslist list I state: NO PRE PAY/and from the U.S.

    Will only accept rent money on the move in day.


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