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January 23, 2009 at 12:45 am | Posted in Known Rental Scammers | 3 Comments

Name: Nikol Bright



Hi ,
Am Nikol Bright by name, I work for Coster Engineering. I live in Sheffield,
UK  meanwhile, am UK citizen. am straight, easy going and pretty laid back
29yrs old male….i do not smoke nor drink,am a christian but am not
fanatical about my religion as i have always learnt to respect others
religion/belief. Sometimes i love going to the beach at my leisure time to
observe the wonders of nature, I just need the apartment because of special
assignment I have to do for my company there and also a privilege for me to
visit the States for the first time, am presently in Africa now for a
crucial assignment for my company.
I saw your ad on craigslist  and i will like to let you know am interested
in renting the spot from you, depends on how long you will have the spot
available. and i do really hope to find a good place like yours to live in,
pls i will like you to get back to me with the full details:
6.FURNISHED OR UNFURNISHED…i really dont mind if it is furnished or not, i
could take care of that when i arrived US) for the apt And just for you to
know that this trip will be sponsored by my boss and every expenses as
regards the rent and utilities will be paid in full so you have nothing to
worry about as to whether i will be able to pay rent or not, pls be aware
that my trip to US is fast approaching and i will apprecite if you get back
to me asap to know how we can work things out.
Thanks and God bless
Nikol Bright.



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  1. I received an identical email from someone calling herself Dorra Johnson,, who responded to my craigs list ad for a summer rental. I thought it was legit at first, but the emails got stranger and more incoherent, and then she hit me with the “I’m having my boss send you more money than you asked for, but you’ll need to write me a check for the rest.” BEWARE!

    • Thank you for listing this. Dorra Johnson just replied to me about the room I’m looking to sublet. If you hadn’t posted about it, I wouldn’t know she was a scam.

  2. WOW! She has done the same thing to me! Has anyone actually spoke to her?

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