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January 5, 2009 at 8:20 pm | Posted in Known Rental Scammers | 5 Comments

Name: Larry Brown



With regards to the property i am inquiring about, i will like to get some more details about it,I am currently in the UK and i am Relocating over to the US to do a survey for my employer (LINK INSURANCE GROUP(UK)), as we are about to open an office in the state, so due to my non presence to inspect the Property,
i will like you to give me the below detail

# I need full details including address of the property and pictures if available
# Monthly rentals/security deposits
# If utilities is added to monthly rent
# When the property would be available
# Mail me the total move in cost
I awaits your response soon.



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  1. Hehehehe… I got this exact same scam yesterday, for the second time in 2 weeks. I sent him a bunch of pictures of the “apartment” I had. I used a jail cell from Alcatraz as the bedroom, a shit-covered squat-toilet from China as the bathroom photo, a shanty-town shack as the exterior house photo, and a food-and-roach covered stove as the kitchen photo.

    What’s funny is that they never bother to change their names or their email.


    This person uses or

    -Don’t get involved!!!!!

  3. I got caught up in this guys game knowing all the time it did not feel right I have just recived a check from him he has asked me to send most of it back to some one in the UK (Im not)right now before the check clears so he can get a plane ticket here I have not been foolish enought to take it to the bank (check). I just wish there was some thing we could do to stop this

  4. WOW ! Thank God for this website. This is a total scam. I’m replying to him that I have reported him to authorities, though I’m sure that won’t stop him. What a scammer.

  5. He just tried this on me over the week end it was to good to be true. I then called him it was 4 pm uk time and i think I woke him up . Then I realized something was not right. Watch out for a Kattherina from germany it seem similar.

    Keep your guard up Kevin

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