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I am interested in renting your apartments listed at the united states home search i can move in once we  complete all  the necessary arrangements i.e ready to put a deposit down.
I am a doctor by profession and my wife is a matron currently working with rite aid pharmacy
i would like to know the modalities of renting the apartment and also do you have any informations regarding elementary school.
john porter



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  1. Got similar request from this guy.
    —–Inline Attachment Follows—–

    My name is john porter i am a professor on Cancer and clinical haematology services at the GP*s & healthcare professionals in i am looking up for housing & apartments for rent.

    I have read through your posting on the site.

    i am expressing my sheer interest in taking up the unit,and signing a year lease by putting a deposit down prior my arrival to the united states.

    i would like to know few things regarding the rental !! what are the modalities in taking up the place?

    you can view my profile here

    please have the requirements sent in these form :

    *Monthly rents and deposit

    *Security Deposit

    *Electricity/Utility Bills

    I would like to conclude the rental process before the end of the month because my work shuttle is flexible
    I will be signing a year lease for the unit,A quick response from you is well appreciated.

    Thank you

    Dr john porter


    • I got this exact email from him – he asked me to accept a delivery for his furniture which “I would be compensated greatly for” and when I told him I wasn’t comfrotable with that he never responded. He also avoided telling me who he was going to be working for when he got to the FL.

  2. GOt this same e-mail. For a doctor he used bad english. So I googled his name and walla…scam!!!!!!!!!

  3. I also got the exact email from this “doctor” After short correspondence I adked him to call me. = Nada.

  4. We, too, received this e-mail from Dr. Porter. He and his wife, Mary, were to come to Nashville. I feel fortunate that my husband was suspicous from the start. Dr. Porter did not respond when we asked for details about where he would be working.
    Thanks for your scam gathering site.

  5. I have my house for rent and this professor Dr. Potter answer it. It offered everything I needed: pay first, last and security. I called my son to help with the process and he said: ” Sorry mom, it is a scam” and he send me your link. Thank you for getting the word out there. He did not get me thank you to all of you.

  6. We received a very similar response from a Dr. John Porter. We were immediately suspicious as his English was horrendous and very un-professional. He also declined to tell us where he would be working. I wonder if the real Dr. Porter (an actual physician in London) knows that his name is being used?

  7. I got the same email verbatem today!!!!!
    I am pissed that i wasn’t all my time w/this asshole. What are they exactly trying to steal????
    He even sent me a picture of himself that he is a doctor at a University hospital in London, England. Send him to be tarred & feathered!!!!

  8. We got the same email. The professor checks out, but think it’s a method of ID theft. The scam part could be in 2 ways… first the phone call is $25 per min. Second, another scam is that they send you the deposit, then say that there’s an emergency and send some $$$ back. By the time their check bounces, they have your good $$$$.

  9. I received the same emails and so far have not received a $$$ , Then I Googled him and read all
    the Scams this B.S er was to Pull. I am sure this
    Professor is Real and I wonder if he knows that his I.D. is being Used. WARNING A SCAMMER FOR SURE !!

  10. If you get a mail from one of these scammers try to waste as much time as possible.

    Just think that the more of his time you waste, the less time he has to scam others.

    You can get them to do all kinds of crazy things!!!! I almost had one ready to send ME $30 postage (I asked for proof his address was real before I could send him $3000 – he almost fell for it!!)

  11. I received the exact email after posting on Craigslist and I replied back. My husband immediately suspected it’s too good to be true. I googled him and here I am! Thank you for the website!!

    Like other people, I also thought his English was terrible and odd for someone who’s a doctor. Thanks to your website, I didn’t waste too much of my time on this asshole!

  12. He got me off Craigs list 15 mins after I posted house for rent. Was suspicious of English.

  13. He is in Mississippi. He scammed a lady friend of mine out of a lot of money over the phone last Fall.

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