7 Warning Signs of Possible Fraud

September 22, 2008 at 5:00 pm | Posted in Tips to Avoid Scams | 1 Comment

Our good friends at ForRentByOwner.com has given 7 Warning Signs of Possible Fraud.

  1. Unable to perform a credit check on a prospective tenant, i.e., wrong or no social security number.
  2. Emails are overly polite, very poorly written or express excessive eagerness to rent without having inspected the property.
  3. Tenant does not send funds as promised or delays providing requested information.
  4. Email is sent from another country or the tenant claims to live in one country but email is sent from another with inadequate explanation.
  5. Beware of comments such as, “I need to hear from you today”, “I am arriving next week and need to establish residency” or any indication of extreme urgency early in your communications.
  6. Tenant asks you not to cash a rent or security deposit check, or asks you to purchase items or contract services on his behalf.
  7. Finally, never provide your bank account number, bank routing number or other financial or personal information.

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  1. Great job. Ive been sent a hyperlink to in this article by one of my buddies on Twitter since shed found your post both entertaining and informative. I have to agree with her on the two points. Im comfortable she emailed me the website link and I have book-marked your blog post for possible future reading.

    Many Thanks

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