The Money Order Rental Scam

September 13, 2008 at 3:26 pm | Posted in Rental Scams | 5 Comments

Scammers will try to make the victim feel as comfortable as possible. Here is one way they do it.

  1. Scammer posts rental ad on a large free classifieds site and makes rental price extremely low
  2. The victim finds the ad and wants to rent the property
  3. Communication between the scammer and victim begins
  4. Scammer tells victim he is out of the country on business
  5. To ensure the victim has funds. the scammer asks the victim to wire money ($2,000) to any of the victims friends. This is suppose to make the victim feel better because they are wiring it to their own friend
  6. The scammer asks to see the receipt that funds have been transfered to the victims friend through MoneyGram
  7. With Money orders, the recipient can pick up the funds anywhere in the world. With the information on the receipt, the scammer picks up the money.


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  1. […] When scammers copy ads and repost them on Craigslist with a much lower rental rate, this is called The Money Order Rental Scam. […]

  2. I have received several emails from a Mr. Andrew Cole in UK wanting to rent a property that I listed on Craigs List. It is obviously some scam, but I don’t understand what they are after.

  3. Should you have any doubt that individuals are generating funds on-line ok, i’ll function as someone to alleviate anyone of this doubt. You will find a huge number of men and women earning money at home …mercury dimes

  4. Ken, They want to get a response from you so they know they have a live e-mail address. More importantly, however, they are after gullible prospective tenants who might send them a security deposit, an application fee, or they might even fill out an application with all of the personal information that would permit someone to empty their bank account, use their medical insurance, etc. There are thousands of gullible prospective tenants who will fall for this. Happens all the time.

  5. I had a guy contact me Timothy Dorey has a apartment complex in Austin Texas send me the pictures and apartment building address and name . told me he is working out in the UK. he sent me his passport picture and a contract for the apartment. he told me he would send the keys and the official contract for the apartment. so i used moneygrahm and sent him the money in the UK he picked it up and sent the keys apparently. then said he had to go to south africa and do a seminar for 2weeks . so then he says he shipped the keys gave me the shipping information and then said that barcelona had seized the package for a tax claim , the claim had to be $1,300 in order to be released. for a packet of papers and keys. so Timothy told me he needed help splitting the funds and wanted me to send him money to South Africa so he could pay it off.

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