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September 12, 2008 at 3:54 pm | Posted in Known Rental Scammers | 14 Comments

Below is a known renter scammer email address and the content of the initial email to unexpected owners, property managers or agents. It is best to not respond to these types of ads.



I’ m mr Morgan in from UK’ Searching thru the apt rent page,
i saw your apt posted for rent on with thelittle
description you gave in there, i was impressed and it reduces any
stress of searching around for an apt. I have an interest and i would
like to make an inquiry if it still available for rent duration in
which you want to lease the unit. Preferably 6months/12months If you
require any specific
information, pls let me know or you can call me on my cell phone,
please dial as presented for international calls . {+447024062110 } Am
a family orientated man, no pets, no smoke and no drugs Give me the
detail of the fees.
1- Security deposit fee ? 2- Monthly rent fees ?
3- Utilities if applicable ?
4- Dimension/measurement of the unit {s} ?
5- Crime rate of the area where the apt is located ?
6- Park lots if any ?
7- If the unit is Furnished or Unfurnished ?
8- Total Move in fees ?
Thank you, God Bless and Your Family

mr Morgan
Middlesex. London

United Kingdom



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  1. […] scammer will contact you directly via email (Example Here). There are common themes (out of country, usually the UK, commonly references God, poor spelling and […]

  2. […] scammer will contact you directly via email (Example Here). There are common themes (out of country, usually the UK, commonly references God, poor spelling and […]

    • I have gotten 3 emails like this in the last tow weeks about my adds for apartments on craigs list. Two from the UK and one thios morning from Eric J Blunt

      i got your email,my name is Eric J. Blunt,i am the project supervisor for the Peter Kiewit construction company in Alberta Canada,i’d like to give you a ittle hint about the company. Kiewit construction is a company with innovation,hard work and integrity, these are the keys to Kiewit’s success. Kiewit is one of North America’s largest and most respected construction and mining organizations and is synonymous with superior quality,the company has one of the highest percentages of graduate and registered engineers in the industry,we are specialized in taking exhibitions,holding lectures and special events for both adult and youth education activities in construction design.
      I was fortunate to come across your posting and i want to express my interest in renting the unit from you for 12 months, i will be arriving in the United States on October 20 to represent the company at the United State’s construction design summit coming up very soon and also for further research and studies on construction design,i will be visiting other states in the United States for construction job so i will be doing a lot of travelling. The unit will be solely occupied by me,no kids and pets and i dont smoke or drink,i really enjoy my privacy and i believe the unit is going to offer the best comfort i want. There are certain things i need to know about the unit before we proceed further;

      (1)Are you real owner of the property or a property manager and will i be renting through you or some one else ?

      (2) i will like to know if the unit comes furnished or not, if furnished what are the existing items in it ?

      (3)i will also like to know if the kitchen is fully equipped and aside from the rent and deposit are there any additional bills to be payed ?

      I need anwears to the above questions so that we can be very clear about things and no errors committed,i will really like to conclude the lease process before my arrival so you can just keep the property off market because i am really interested in renting it from you, please let me know what needs to be done so as to have the unit secured for my use.Thank you and have pleasant day

      Eric J.Blunt
      Kiewit construction company
      8329 – 32 Avenue, Edmonton
      Alberta,T4E 5L2

      Tell them you want the rent up front for 12 months and they can’t have the apartment for two weeks until the check clears. They won’t emqail back.

  3. this may or may not be the j morgan who is the supposedly decest father of another scammer.. she goes by jerry eve smith and her father is supposedly sir jim morgan…

  4. This week, I believe I received a rental scam e-mail from in response to an apt. I have for rent. After seeing a picture of the apt. online at Kijiji, he asked me for my full name and address (whcih I didn’t give)so he could send me a cashier’s check for more than the rent and deposit so I could refund him the rest for his living expenses. He e-mailed me his employers info as a reference, and I got a bit suspicious when his employer assumed I had already received the check and expected me to help this potential renter get settled in. I asked for a rental reference and more background questions a few days ago but haven’t heard from him since. I saw an article in the Tribune about rental scams two days ago whcich alerted me that this may be a scam since it fit the MO.

  5. I was contacted by this man and as you say he is a scammer. He was on a catholic singles site and said he left yesterday for a trip to West Africa with his two kids. Is a widower and has no family (mom and dad deceased and no siblings). Talked to him twice on yahoo and today somehow he managed to fly to West Africa faster than anyone I know. It takes 16 hours and he made it in 8. I sent the page you have to him said so long buddy. Thought he could woo me as his one and only but I am not a fool. Says he lost his wallet and wanted me to send him 450.00 so he could fed his kids. I ex’d him off my list and bliocked any further contact. I wasnt born yesterday.And ou are right–can’t spell worth a damn

  6. thanks so much for this site! i recieved an e-mail from “Florence Davies” the other day which looked almost EXACTLY like the e-mail above! i did give her my address to send the payment, but i have not cashed it, and thanks to this site it will not be touching my bank account. upon looking at it again i also noticed that the “TO:” address was not mine, which meens it was a mass e-mail. Thank you SO much for saving me from falling victim to this! the following is the original e-mail from “florence”

    From: Florence Davies
    To: (not my address)
    Sent: Tuesday, May 12, 2009 6:13:52 PM
    Subject: Unit For Rent at University of lethbridge

    I’ m Florence Davies Searching thru the apt rent page, am interested in renting your apt with the little description you gave in there, i was impressed and it reduced any stress of searching around for an apt. I have an interest and i would like to make an inquiry if it still available for rent duration in which you want to lease the unit.Preferably 6months/12months If you require any specific information,pls let me know more about the unit or you can call me on my cell phone {+447035946314} Am a easy going person, no pets, no smoke and no drugs Give me the detail of the fees.I await your response soon.

  7. I have a vacant unit listed in various sites. I got an email from some named Abramovich and he would like to rent the place. He offers deposit plus three months rent to secure the place. He seems to be in the UK. Seems a little weird to me. Has someone been contacted with similar messages?

    • Im dealing with some one like this right now.She agreed to pay first, last sec. but sent me 2000 extra to send to her shipper for shipping costs. But she is from uk. and sent bank check from new york, called the bank and funds are good. told her i would have to wait till it clears. she did state that she wanted it wired to them. not a cashiers check but a reg. bank check. you think its legit? doug

  8. Hello,
    How are u ? hope you are doing great…My Name is Jane Farrell, i saw your Advert that you have a Place for rent. I am interested in renting your property. It suits the type of place i need for my comfort and work. I am a Lady, 29 yrs old , born and brought up in The US and lived all my life there. A medical practitioner,a doctor to be precise but presently in West Africa for a program which will be ending soon. I will be coming to UK for another program (HIV/AIDS seminar) which will last from 8 months to a year. We will be there to educate and give the people the latest medical diagnostic breakthroughs on HIV/AIDS.

    I will like to rent the Place for the period which i will be there for the program as its cost effective and more economical than staying in a hotel. Please respond by e-mailing and let me know if the Place is still available and then get back with the total moving cost of the place so that i can make an initial deposit.
    I await your response.
    Have a wonderful weekend.
    Dr Jane

  9. Hi, I received this email which is a fraud…

    From: MARIAM SCOTT (
    You may not know this sender.Mark as safe|Mark as junk
    Sent: September 26, 2009 11:51:37 AM

    How are you doing?Hope God is taking care of you and your family? I am Mariam by name from Manchester(UK) and i am coming for a Research in Memorial University of Newfoundland By October 2009 so i need a place to stay. A little about me. I am 26 years old,i gentle, neat,respectful,i mind my own business, no smoking,no overnight guest,no party,i promise to keep the place neat as you ever wanted,my favorite colours are blue and white.I will love to rent from you and i will love to rent for one year but i may extend the rent later so tell me more about the place and i will also appreciate some pictures to the place.If there is any application that i will need to fill plz have it sent to me via email so i could print and bring it over with me when coming over cos i do not have access to fax machine.I will be happy to rent from you so get back to me as soon as possible.Do tell me the asking price per month and how do i secure it before coming over?Happy new day to you and your family.
    God bless you.

    Not knowing what was going on I started talking to her via email. It seems that her father had sent me a cheque for the rent about two weeks ago which never came. Also when her arrival date came and went she emailed with an excuse that she won’t be arriving until Nov 10. How convenient. I basically emailed them back and told them I knew what they were doing and to well you know….

    • Also when I replied to these people confronting them that they were scamming me this is what they sent me back:

      RE: Mariam’s Rent‏
      From: Desmond Jackson (
      Sent: October 22, 2009 8:47:29 AM
      To: Celine Pennell (

      How are you?
      I m still in oversea.Cynthia is not through at home yet.
      You don’t have any rent to lose holding the room/apartment for her.She is paying for the whole rent of Oct.
      I will send you her flight details when she is ready to come over.
      Thanks for the understanding.
      Desmond Jackson

      ”We are born again Christian,we dont hurt people and we don’t want people to hurt us in return”

      HAHAHAHA whatever…

  10. Recieved same from Blunt and got on PC and typed his name in and “you got it” Scammer-same letter etc.
    Generally people don’t rent sight unseen


  11. I have received emails from both DESMOND JACKSON and SARAH JACKSON about my apartment for rent. The content of the emails was almost identical to the ones already posted on this site already. I found that you can look up the originating IP ADDRESS from their emails. If it is a scam like this, a large percent of the time it originates from Nigeria. I found the most gratifying for me was to let them try and do the scam.. Once they went through the hassle of sending me a fake money order. Once they ask for the extra money from the money order wired back to them, I email them with a fake confirmation number. The more time they waste chasing their tails the less time to scam other people. If only there was a way to send a virus in a reply email to these people.

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