Rental Scammer – Remi Repp – UK

September 12, 2008 at 6:44 pm | Posted in Known Rental Scammers | 2 Comments

Known rental scammer. Information on the type of email they send out below.

Emails: and

How are you doing hope it’s great over there, my name is Remi Repp from united state but am presently in (UK,LONDON) working with an oil company. my phone number is +447024807548 free free to call me if the you wish to give out the Rent to me.
But now I will like going for my holiday leave and it just for ten month but I will like staying in the state six month or more than that.
The main reason why am writing this is that I need a standard room or apartment in any state in United State and I can also share room or apartment with anybody for you to contact me this is my Email Address :



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  1. Whomever this is, is a cyberstalker predator. I got her (him?) emails on

    This sender is DomainKeys verified
    “Remi Repp”
    Add sender to Contacts
    Message contains attachments
    Remi1.jpg (32KB), Remi2.jpg (32KB), Remi3.jpg (36KB)

    Dear Micheal,

    How are you doing? Hope all is fine? Having seen your page I developed a real interest in you, take my words and I am sincere to the heart. There are millions of men & women out there But the good ones are few out there. Many put on the coat of Lamb outside and inside is a Wolf. Know this If you’re really who you say you are I will give you my heart and will share it with you till the end. Hey …Friendship is from the heart of love and care ,Unwritten ,Unbreakable by condition, Unchangeable by time, Once a friend Is always a friend…Hope you are one in a Million My Friend.

    How do you feel if I say we should be friend for now and see what will comes out later?

    For I am serious in settling down and build my own family. I am a responsible person but I am out of town at present with reasons best known to me. I will tell you all you want to know about me…I grow up Washington , Please do not neglect this e-mail my Friend. A Journey of a thousand Miles begins with a single step. You have started it already…Half (50%) of your problem is solved already once you make up your mind that I am doing it.

    I and my Ex-Boyfriend decided to leave United State to meet my mother in England , London , where she owns her Oil Company.

    During our stay with her she had a contract with Oil Company, my mother died few days before the contract END in England, London……After the death of my mother, my mother’s lawyer in England, London told me to come over to England to get my dead mothers Inherits from her so I can inherited my Mother property that says I am my mother next of kin to her property….I came to London with my ex-boyfriend to inherit my late Mothers property. The Total worth of my late Mother’s estate is ($7,000,000.00 Dollar), with all this money, I want to open up to only you because I believe that you believe in God. After my mother dead in LONDON, I was setup by my Ex-boyfriend and my mother’s lawyer…..I found out my late mother’s lawyer and my Ex-boyfriend were planning on how to get my Mother’s inheritance by using me..

    Now that thing are like this, I am really careful of falling in love, I join online dating because I was sick of been single and lonely,After I found out about my late mother’s lawyer and my Ex-boyfriend plans”, I move back to Sioux falls, SD, so for me to be more safe and secure I have to move to Washington, Spokane …I feel really Bad to talk about this, now that I just meet you online dating because I believe I am doing the right thing…if you are really interested my Mobile # is (509) – 979 – 7721!Home phone # (206)- 666- 2689

    I am back to WASHINGTON STATE . Because I want to start a new Life, I’m interested in forming a friendship with a man who is intelligent, sensitive, empathic, has a good moral compass, the ability to laugh at himself, (or at least to make me laugh) who is mentally healthy, (you would think it goes without saying, right?) financially secure, has a strong sense of self,(doesn’t need to be rescued, saved, or mothered) can communicate, and understands,(or seeks to)what it means to have a relationship with God…A friend who would challenge me, and help me to grow as a person…I know that’s a lot, but if you are a “noble” man, then you are looking for a woman like me. It would be nice having a friend to have some adventures with and just enjoy being with.

    Kind Regards,


  2. I found a very similar one on The photos looked familar like a model or something. so i typed remi repp in google and got here. it also has the oil , my mom was rich bull crap. I will call and jack them around a bit though. ha ha Steven

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