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DR JEREMY LAWRANCE is a known rental scam artist. Beware of scam:

> Date: Tue, 5 Aug 2008 01:42:00 +0100
> From:
> To:
> Subject: Re: Apartment
> Hello,
> Thanks for your mail and details on this unit, I am indeed
> serious about renting this unit and will be willing to offer you
> 2 Months rent plus the security deposit in order to secure this
> Unit prior to our arrival. Could you be kind enough to let me?
> Know what the electricity/utility cost would be? As I will
> really need to have this unit to myself. You can send me the
> lease Application to wire, to enable be review it ahead of
> time. I would
> Eventually have it signed physically when i arrive in state. In
> my Opinion, appending signatories should be done properly
> and at best physically. Please, send me a picture view of the
> living room and bed rooms.
> This is an international situation .With this arrangement, my
> financier in the states, will be effecting your payment deposit
> to you. I believe we can work together and ensure every
> arrangement that we shall both execute in line with my
> taking up the tenancy should be done accordingly to ensure
> we have a proper understanding. In view of my work
> schedule, i would want us to finalize basic arrangements. I
> will arrive in the United States by 15th of AUGUST, with my
> wife Nancy and daughter KELLY.I will like you to
> AND YOURMOBILE NUMBER to issue out the payment, And
> get back to me with the total house rent. I will sign and fill
> the application form and the lease on the day of my arrival
> to state, If you require any specific information, pls let me
> know or you can call me on my cell phone
> +447031919865,please dial as presented for international calls
> .
> Christie Hospital NHS Trust
> Wilmslow Road, Withington,
> Manchester M20 4BX
> United Kingdom
> Phone: +447031919865
> protect human health and the environment.



Good,day over there as i was browsing through internet i saw your apartment advert on [ ] and am interested in renting it.I will be signing a  year lease for it and want to know the modalities for renting it.

I will be doing a  year research on pharmacy work while in the states and will be staying with my daughter KELLY
I will be very GLAD if i can hear from you in time as i will want to conclude the rental process before we arrive in the State by 25th of AUGUST.
Christie Hospital NHS Trust
Wilmslow Road, Withington,
Manchester M20 4BX
United Kingdom
Phone: +447031919865



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  1. i recieved same kind a e-mail from that person, name different but phone number is same. i think we got to report him to the police

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